Dr. William Brady

Founder, President
  • Graduated from Logan College of Chiropractic as valedictorian in 1998
  • Founded Integrative Diagnosis® in 2006
  • Created Manual Adhesion Release® and Instrument Adhesion Release® in 2011
  • Developed a revolutionary treatment table to assist in restoring low back mobility in 2018
  • Released Phase 1 of our diagnostic software for back pain in 2019

“It breaks my heart to see so many people with back pain get a bad diagnosis and wasteful treatment. The patient that insists on finding answers is rewarded at the Brady Back Institute. I look forward to meeting you.”


Here’s what Dr. Brady’s colleagues have to say about him:

Dr. Brady in the Media

In this podcast, The Painful Pursuit hosted by Dr. Carl Nottoli, you will hear Dr. Brady discuss the comprehensive methods and elevated standards we use at BBI to provide patient care.

In another podcast with Dr. Nottoli, Dr. Brady discusses his new, groundbreaking research in treatment of fibrous adhesion and the current state of our healthcare system and research