Pricing Structure

What we do is so unique that we do not accept insurance. We provide treatment on a case fee basis. 

Our consultation fee is $50 and our exam fee is $300, which are both due at the time of service. If you then qualify for treatment, we will structure your case fee based on the doctors determination of severity. The prices are in three levels:

Your consultation and exam are part of your overall treatment, so the cost of both will be deducted from your total case fee.
For Example: You have come in for your consultation ($50) and your exam ($300). The doctor then determines that your case is MILD. The fee for a mild case is $2,700, $350 of which you have already paid.  So the remaining balance due on your total case fee is $2,350
If you chose to discontinue treatment you can request a refund for the unused portion of payment-anytime, for any reason.