Disruption of Back Pain
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Do you know why surgeons specialize? Because it’s very difficult, detailed work. No one can achieve mastery trying to diagnose and treat the entire human body. We only diagnose and treat back pain. We do it all day so we are good at it. Damn good.  

Artificial Intelligence:

Back pain is insanely complicated. So complicated that humans alone find it nearly impossible to accurately diagnose. So we team up with computers to pin-point your exact problem (yup, we invented the software). After all, you can’t fix a problem you don’t understand.


Problem Solving vs Doing Treatment:

Problem solving is hard. Doing treatment is easy. You need the former. Your doctor probably does the latter. We problem solve first, do treatment second. We think, a lot, about your problem. Then we offer a thorough solution. Sounds easy but it’s really hard and time consuming. That’s OK, we like hard problems.

Measure Success:

Do you ever feel like your doctor is sort of guessing? We don’t guess. We measure everything all the time. We know your stats. We know when and how much treatment is working. So will you.

Transparent Upfront Pricing:

Do you hate those unpleasant after-the-fact billing surprises? Us too, so we got rid of them. After your exam we will offer you a single upfront fee for your entire course of treatment. This is our open and honest way to help you make the best choice. See our Pricing Structure.

Aligned Incentives:

25% of all healthcare in the US is unnecessary. Why? Because doctors get paid to do more stuff, not necessarily the right stuff. I know, it’s scary. We fixed this too. We created a system that gets you healthy and rewards our team for doing it right. You never have to wonder “Do I really need this?”

Let’s make sure you are a good candidate for our methods.