Sciatic Nerve Entrapment due to Fibrous Adhesion in the Deep Gluteal Space: Proposed Clinical Diagnostic Criteria and Therapy Using Manual Adhesion Release®

Original scientific research published by the Brady Back Institute

We are super excited to announce the publication of our groundbreaking peer-reviewed research. We demonstrate it is possible to establish the specific diagnosis of sciatic nerve entrapment with low-tech high-skill procedures. We also show when this diagnosis is matched with a specific treatment (Manual Adhesion Release®) symptoms improve 65% and range of motion increases over 20°. 

These improvements were obtained in patients that had chronic pain for an average of two years and 85% had failed to respond to ordinary care. These are very impressive life changing results.

This research helps doctors dispel the common belief that 90% of low back pain can’t be diagnosed. Patients benefit by knowing there are answers beyond drugs, surgery and other ineffective therapies.

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