- You’re doing everything they tell you but you still don’t feel better…

It’s so frustrating to know you are doing everything you know to do, but it just isn’t helping. You’ve gone to every appointment, followed every instruction. You even start to wonder, “am I doing it wrong? Am I missing something?”
The answer is no-you’re not. Your doctor is.
All the advise in the world won’t help you if the people treating you don’t know what’s actually wrong.
In Johnny’s case, he was told he needed to build his core strength and work on his weak glutes. Finally they just told him to “rest more” for 6 months and see if that helps. Not surprisingly, none of that worked.
Once Dr. Brady identified the other half of his issue (that everyone else had missed) he was able to apply appropriate treatment. After just 4 visits (15 days) Johnny was 50% better (his words).